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Bed Bug Exterminator in NYC

 Bed bugs can be ugly reality of life. We can take every precaution and safeguard against them, but they can still pop up and cause serious havoc and disruption in our homes. Despite the stigma that’s associated with bed bugs of being associated with people of poor hygiene, these pests are more common than one might think. They are a common problem not just in residential homes, but also many hotels. EcoPlus Pest Control is here to provide customers in NYC with the highest level of protection against this menace. Serving customers all over the New York City area, including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Yonkers, White Plains, Scarsdale, Westchester and more. If you’re experiencing a bed bug infestation, call our bed bug exterminators in NYC today at 646-502- 8070.


The Ugly Truth About Bed Bugs

The bed bug is an ecto-parasite of primarily humans but will also attack poultry and other mammals and birds. Their presence has increased significantly since their resurgence in the 1990s (many experts estimate over 500 percent). Adult bed bugs are about 3/16” long and are oval and flat with a brownish red color. Female bed bugs lay one to five eggs per day with the 1/32″ (1 mm) long, white eggs being deposited individually in cracks or on rough surfaces and secured with a transparent cement for an average total of 200 eggs; maximum eggs per day is 12, with 541 for a lifetime.

Where Do Bed Bugs Like to Hide Most?

Bed bugs can travel and thrive practically anywhere; however, they are most commonly found in hotel and motel rooms. Bed bugs are efficient hitchhikers and easily transported. Once introduced, they are often spread throughout a building. They can often be transported through used furniture and other used items. In addition to hiding in mattresses and other types of furniture, bed bugs can also hide in wall hangings such as picture frames and mirrors, night stands, stuffed furniture (especially if used for sleeping), baseboards, floorboard cracks, behind loose wallpaper, light switches, door and window frames, curtains/drapes, under carpets between the tac-strip and baseboard, conduits, etc. To best avoid a bed bug infestation keep sleeping and living quarters clean and clutter-free.

I have Bed Bugs. Now What?

EcoPlus Pest Control is fully prepared to serve your bed bug extermination needs. Our professionals will provide a thorough inspection and employ state-of- the-art methodology to rid you of your bed bug problem with efficiency, discretion and results. We will assess the scope and severity of your bed bug problem and provide the best course of action to get rid of these pests once and for all. For the best bed bug exterminator in NYC, call EcoPlus Pest Control at 646-502- 8070. Bed bugs may be annoying, but they don’t have to rule your life.

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